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Properties of WoodUBend

Do you know apart from being flexible, there is lot you can do with these mouldings. Let's check it out.

Easy trim off

You could cut the mouldings as per your design with the help of scissors or blade. Yes you read it right, no special tools required.

To slice it off nicely, it is recommended to heat it first.


Though WoodUBend appliques are ready to use but sometimes you want to sand these when it is trimmed or when you want to combine it with multiple appliques.

Sticks to multiple surfaces

WoodUBend mouldings could be used literally on any surface and could be pasted onto wood, walls, metal, glass and more. Check out our gallery to see it's usage. You could also follow us on Instagram for inspiration.


As it inherits all the properties of wood so it could be drilled too. This could be helpful in lot of your DIYs. Drilling it would make it easier to make it fit around the door knobs, fan sockets or when you just want to hang it.


You have fixated the moulding and now you realize it's not aligned properly. Ugh! Don't worry you can remove it and reuse it. I will share the process in the upcoming blog.


No, I am not kidding! With that exquisite look and versatility, it being eco-friendly is cherry on top.

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