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How to use WoodUbend mouldings

As amazing these WoodUbend mouldings are, from the quality to the ease of use. Hereby, I will let you know the three simple steps to use your mouldings.


The very first step is to apply heat on WoodUbend appliques. You could do that using heat gun or via hair dryer. How much heat you need to apply solely depends upon the thickness of the article. You could check if it bends without applying to much pressure. If you feel it's stiff, blow more heat.

NB: Though it is not necessary if you do not want it to be flexible but it is recommended.


These mouldings could literally be sticked on to any surface including but not limited to wood, walls, metal, glass and more. For the best adhesion, use any good quality wood glue. According to your design, you could cut it with scissors or blade and then sand it.


Since it inherits the properties of wood so any wood stain will go with it. For instance, chalk paint, milk paint, Dixie belle (see the image below) and more goes well with it. You could also use wax to highlight the carvings.

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