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Who We Are

Imagine the alluring combination of colors, patterns, threads, and traditional symbols. The result is truly breathtaking, but what’s even more special are the talented people who create these pieces. Savneet Kaur Sachdev founder of Sachia Creations brings talented artisans together and promotes their products in order to keep their traditions alive through their handmade creations.

Wall Plates
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Eco-friendly mouldings

We provide eco-friendly mouldings which have all the properties of wood i.e. it could be sanded, drilled, sliced and stained. 
Along with all the benefits of wood, it is convenient to use. It could also be bended using heat (you could use hair dryer too). This makes it easier to attach it to any shape. 
These mouldings can be sticked onto any surface including but not limited to wood, wall, glass and metal.

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